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The Czech Republic is a haven for tourists who want to enjoy old-world architecture and take in a countries culture. The Czech Republic has not yet become a mainstream holiday destination and this adds to its charm. Unlike France and Italy which have been well-exploited by tourists for decades, The Czech Republic has many hidden wonders to offer its visitors ranging from breathtaking gothic castles to rare rock formations. Here are some places that should definitely visit:

1. Charles Bridge, Prague:
Charles bridge was built in 1357 over the River Vltava. It is adorned with statues of some of the famous rulers and saints of the Czech Republic including the Roman Emperor Charles IV after whom the bridge is named. If you visit the bridge at dawn or at dusk, you will get some of the best views of the river and the city.

2. Prague Castle:
This castle is over a thousand years old and has been the residence for almost all its rulers from the Holy Roman Emperors to the current president of Czech Republic. The castle is also well-known for having the largest area within its walls. Over the past 1000 years, it has undergone many changes reflecting the change in the leadership. This makes the castle very unique as you get to witness many different types of architecture within the same castle.

3. Moravian Karst:
North to the city of Brno, lies the natural wonder that is known as Moravian Karst. It is a geological formation consisting of many underground gorges and caverns. The magnificent stalactites, stalagmites and underground rivers make this a must-see spot in The Czech Republic. You can hike or trek through the Moravian Karst or even ride a cycle to discover its many wonders.

4. Czech Tombs, Crypts and Cemeteries:
Although it may sound morbid to visit crypts, cemeteries and tombs, The Czech Republic has a unique set of these structures dedicated to people who were killed either by disease or war in the medieval times. There are many churches that are decorated with the skeletons of the dead. The Gothic All-Saints Chapel which is also known as the Bone Church is a remarkable example of this. It has everything ranging from chandeliers, coat of arms, bells to chalices made from the bones of around 70,000 people who were killed between the 14th and 16th century. The Brno Ossuary and Schwartzenberg Tomb are also some other tombs and crypts that are decorated using human skeletons.

5. Bohemian Switzerland National Park:
Although small in area, this national park is home to some truly rare species of flora and fauna. It also has some unique rock formations that stand upright without any support. You can take a break from the well-manicured lawns of the palaces and castles to lose yourself in the wilderness of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park.

6. The Strahov Monastery and The Clemetium:
The Theological library and the Philosophical library within the Strahov Monastery and the Clementium are perhaps the most beautiful libraries in all of Europe. Their painted ceilings, frescos, Baroque buildings and the rare collection of books they house is a testament to the history of The Czech Republic.

7. Kutna Hora:
This city once had some of the leading silver mines in Europe. The wealth gained from these mines ensured that the city could command splendid architecture and magnificent buildings. The city has now been declared a World Heritage Site.

The Czech Republic is a haven for history and architecture buffs. You will be transported back in time by the beautiful buildings. There is a lot more The Czech Republic has to offer and it cannot be contained in any one list. However, the places listed above are the ones you should definitely visit without fail.





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