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The Czech Republic is a haven for tourists who want to enjoy old-world architecture and take in a countries culture. The Czech Republic has not yet become a mainstream holiday destination and this adds to its charm. Unlike France and Italy which have been well-exploited by tourists for decades, The Czech Republic has many hidden wonders to offer its visitors ranging from breathtaking gothic castles to rare rock formations. Here are some places that should definitely visit:

1. Charles Bridge, Prague:
Charles bridge was built in 1357 over the River Vltava. It is adorned with statues of some of the famous rulers and saints of the Czech Republic including the Roman Emperor Charles IV after whom the bridge is named. If you visit the bridge at dawn or at dusk, you will get some of the best views of the river and the city.

2. Prague Castle:
This castle is over a thousand years old and has been the residence for almost all its rulers from the Holy Roman Emperors to the current president of Czech Republic. The castle is also well-known for having the largest area within its walls. Over the past 1000 years, it has undergone many changes reflecting the change in the leadership. This makes the castle very unique as you get to witness many different types of architecture within the same castle.

3. Moravian Karst:
North to the city of Brno, lies the natural wonder that is known as Moravian Karst. It is a geological formation consisting of many underground gorges and caverns. The magnificent stalactites, stalagmites and underground rivers make this a must-see spot in The Czech Republic. You can hike or trek through the Moravian Karst or even ride a cycle to discover its many wonders.

4. Czech Tombs, Crypts and Cemeteries:
Although it may sound morbid to visit crypts, cemeteries and tombs, The Czech Republic has a unique set of these structures dedicated to people who were killed either by disease or war in the medieval times. There are many churches that are decorated with the skeletons of the dead. The Gothic All-Saints Chapel which is also known as the Bone Church is a remarkable example of this. It has everything ranging from chandeliers, coat of arms, bells to chalices made from the bones of around 70,000 people who were killed between the 14th and 16th century. The Brno Ossuary and Schwartzenberg Tomb are also some other tombs and crypts that are decorated using human skeletons.

5. Bohemian Switzerland National Park:
Although small in area, this national park is home to some truly rare species of flora and fauna. It also has some unique rock formations that stand upright without any support. You can take a break from the well-manicured lawns of the palaces and castles to lose yourself in the wilderness of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park.

6. The Strahov Monastery and The Clemetium:
The Theological library and the Philosophical library within the Strahov Monastery and the Clementium are perhaps the most beautiful libraries in all of Europe. Their painted ceilings, frescos, Baroque buildings and the rare collection of books they house is a testament to the history of The Czech Republic.

7. Kutna Hora:
This city once had some of the leading silver mines in Europe. The wealth gained from these mines ensured that the city could command splendid architecture and magnificent buildings. The city has now been declared a World Heritage Site.

The Czech Republic is a haven for history and architecture buffs. You will be transported back in time by the beautiful buildings. There is a lot more The Czech Republic has to offer and it cannot be contained in any one list. However, the places listed above are the ones you should definitely visit without fail.





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Czech Language

Czech is the official dialect that is chattered in the country Czech Republic, as well as the nation’s dominant dialect. All of those who chatter in CZECH is estimated at more than 10.7 million people. A 2012 Euro barometer survey shows that 98% of all Czech-Czech speakers are Czech. Czech is also perceived as one of the official dialects of the European Union. Different dialects speak in the nation of Slovak and Polish, which are spoken by a little level of the population.

The official language of the Czech Republic

The beginning of the Czech dialect is traced back to the ninth and tenth centuries when Czech and Slovak spread from the West Slav dialect collection. During this period until the 20th century, the Czech dialect was referred to as the Bohemian dialect. The most punctual records in Czech appeared in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. An announcement in the Litomerice sanction from the 13th century is the best known final sentence in the dialect. The fourteenth century was the time in which the dialect was created in addition and it was also the time when the Bible was interpreted completely Czech for the first time. The main concern in the institutionalization of Czech orthography was in the Bohemian Reformation of the 15th century. The advanced institutionalized Czech dialect developed in the late 18th century and mid-19th century, when the nation experienced Czech national rebirth. The institutionalization was essentially determined by a distribution of Josef Dobrovsky, a 19th-century etymologist.

Assortments of the Czech language

The Czech dialect is one characterized by the Indo-European dialect family, and as an individual from the Czech-Slovak dialect congregation, it is firmly identified with the Slovak dialect. There are three basic assortments of the Czech dialect, which are used as part of the Czech Republic, which is topographically characterized. Each of the three assortments has distinctive qualities that distinguish them, especially in their phonology and morphology. Assortments include Czech, Bohemian and Moravian native languages. Normal Czech is the assortment with the highest number of local speakers who are found transcendent in the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague. Normal Czech is generally used as part of the print and electronic media, but the assortment is not yet organized. The Moravian language is another unmistakable assortment of the Czech dialect. This assortment is mainly used in the districts of Bohemia-Silesia and Moravia and has a total number of 108,000 customers throughout the Czech Republic. The Moravian assortment consists of five languages: Cieszyn Silesian, Bohemian-Moravian, Lakh, Eastern and Middle Moravian Lingos. The other variant is the Bohemian tongues, which contain three lingos: Central Bohemian, Southwest Bohemian, and Northeastern Bohemian languages. Recently, the use of the Bohemian variation dialect in the Czech Republic has radically decreased, due to an open disparagement, as the Bohemian dialects are associated with the lower class of the Czechs.

other minor languages that are spoken in the countrty Czech Republic

Polish and Slovak are the basic minority languages in the Czech Republic. Polish and Slovak are firmly linked to the language of Czech, as the triple dialects are from the Slavic speaking. Slovak is the main dialect of a small number of Slovak individuals in the nation. The Polish language spoken in the nation is that of the Gorals who own the rugged district on the outskirts of the Czech Republic and Poland.

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Czech Culture

If you’re planning to visit the Czech Republic, you need to be aware of certain Czech culture. The Czech people have a long, very pleased history, plus they love showing off their record and culture. While it’s fairly easy to modify while visiting the united states, it’s important to keep a few key points in mind.

Here’s a list of five key tips you will have to know when traveling to this wonderful country…

Increasing A Greeting: Czechs are a polite, friendly people. Like most folks, they enjoy tourists and are happy to introduce newcomers to local practices. While it will go without saying that a visitor should be polite and friendly as well, it is important to know a couple of things before meeting local people. Be sure to shake the palm of every person you meet, female or male. Local people often greet friends with a kiss on the cheek, but that greeting should be reserved for close family members or friends.

Eating And Drinking : Foods ,drinking as well as socializing are a major area of the culture. When you want to dine with locals, make certain to praise the food. It is also considered polite to require seconds, even though you are no longer hungry. A significant phrase to learn when eating out is “dobro church”, which means “enjoy your meals.” And if you’re toasting, ensure you maintain eye contact with your fellow drinkers.

If you’re eating at a restaurant, tipping isn’t required, but a 10% idea is valued. Just be sure to word of advice in cash. A tip put into your credit card is known as insulting.

Touring On Business: Czechs have a tendency to be traditional, so don’t expect quick decisions. You’ll want to be forthright, however, not pushy or hostile. Further, be sure to make any business visit a minimum of two weeks beforehand, and preferably much longer. Finally, don’t be later to any visits, as this is known as an insult.

Socializing: You’ll find that many locals are very willing to activate in small talk, especially in communal situations like foods or other gatherings. Activities is obviously a safe and widespread topic, particularly soccer and hockey. Both athletics are revered in the country. Subject areas you should avoid really aren’t amazing. Refrain from talking about faith and politics. Besides that, any matter of standard interest is sensible fodder for discussion.

Browsing A Home: If you’re visiting a home, it is expected you remove your shoes after entering. Don’t be anxious. You will be given choice shoes or boots to wear inside. Before you visit, grab a small gift for the sponsor or hostess. Plan to spend only $25 or so. Chocolate, blossoms, or food from your local country are good alternatives. Also, take note your variety will politely refuse your gift at first. The best way to reply is to softly and politely demand they accept, which they gladly will.If you follow these pointers while going to the Czech Republic, you’ll easily fit into beautifully and know how the culture like in the Czech Republic.

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Currency of the Czech Republic

Continuing my series of articles on travel, we move from America to the Czech Republic – Prague to be precise.

I have only been once, on a four-day excursion, but it was long enough for me to get a flavor of the country and the people. Two days before I was due to leave, I broke my ankle as I walked from the bank with my Czech currency!!! Luckily I worked for a wheel chair manufacturer and managed to take one with me, in order to get about – bad decision! I did not actually use it, and ended up hobbling every where! Prague is not a very wheel chair friendly place – due to its age, architecture, and design. I bought a phrase book a couple of weeks before leaving, so that I could learn some rudimentary phrases – I find this an excellent way to get the best from a foreign holiday, as the locals are always honoured that you have taken the time to learn some of their languages and attempt communication and therefore you seem to get better service.

The hotel was not in the smartest district, nor was it of high caliber. It was about 2 miles outside the city and very basic, but comfortable – although the breakfast was a gorgeous continental style, with more than enough to eat and set you up for the day. It was needed, as due to the lack of a regular bus service, the trip to the city and back had to be walked (or hobbled) on a daily basis!!

The city of Prague is beautiful – ancient gothic architecture, buildings topped with gold, cobbled streets lined with bars, restaurants, shops and market stalls, alley ways off the main streets with plenty to be discovered and explored. Many many unusual items can be purchased, and there is plenty of choice of unusual items too! Things to see, include the town square, the astronomical clock which is world famous and totally amazing (people flock to see it as it strikes the hour!), Charles Bridge which spans the river and has market stalls all across it and a bronze you must rub for good luck, the churches are all amazing inside, you can climb to the top of the towers on Charles bridge for incredible views, the amazing historic Prague castle and about 70 miles outside Prague, the church of Sedlec.

Whilst you are out and about in the city, you will find restaurants galore serving traditional Czech food – not only is this very cheap, but the local Czech beer is only 50p a pint!!! Wonderful. There are plenty of shops to keep you happy selling local crafty gifts – I bought some Russian dolls. The alley ways, if you dare explore them (don’t worry it’s impossible to get lost as you always end up back in the town square), hold undiscovered delights a-plenty – I found a gallery by an artist called Viktor Safonkin, who has been hailed the new Salvador Dali, and its true, his work is totally breath taking.

In terms of entertainment – you have bars, restaurants, clubs, theatres, all open ALL DAY!! Whilst I was there, I enjoyed the Black Light Theatre, which is a traditional Czech form of theatre using a black stage in a black box, using UV light and colorful marionettes in colorful costumes. Cheap to watch, intimate and very entertaining – a must see, because you won’t see it anywhere else in the world!

If you like the macabre, then the Czech Republic will suit you. It feels ancient, it feels like it could be scary, it feels darkly gothic and medieval – its a cool place. And what could be more macabre, more ancient and more gothic than the church of bones at Kutna Hora, in Sedlec? Sedlec is around 70 miles outside Prague and takes an hour on the train. A small unassuming town with little in the way of entertainment, but to see this incredible wonder of the Czech Republic, its well worth the trip and essential you visit. The works of gothic art were put together by a half-blind monk in the 16th Century, following the deaths of 30,000 people in the area from the bubonic plague – room was needed in the holy land surrounding the church and therefore the bones were moved to the ossuary to be stacked but were fashioned into works of art, including a coat of arms, a chandelier utilising every bone in the human body, skull pyramids. An amazing display gave the materials, and guaranteed to leave you astounded and amazed and with a memory of your holiday that will last your lifetime.

All in all I found Prague to be a fascinating and thoroughly relaxing place, full of friendly locals, giving good value for money and plenty to see and do. On the downside, it was not the cleanest place I have ever visited with human excrement in some places on the streets. Apart from that though, I enjoyed my visit and would happily visit again to find all of the things I missed. It is well worth the trip, although I would only stay for a few days, it is certainly worth Czeching it out.

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Geography of the Czech Republic

So, what are the holiday options for nature lovers in the Czech Republic?

There are more than ten natural attraction destinations in Czech for people who want to spend some time out of the city. You get to enjoy boat rides, hikes, rock climbing, and jumping. If this is what you are looking for, then Czech is an excellent destination for you.

Also, if you are searching for a place with great geographical attractions to explore, feel free to check out this list of famous tourist destinations in Czech.

The Adrspach-Teplice Rocks.

The Adrspach-Teplice rocks is a vast set of sandstone deposits covering a 17km2 in northern Bohemia. The uniqueness of this destination is unrivaled; making it a top destination for nature lovers. Rock climbing is a favorite activity for tourists here, and it’s most enjoyable if done in groups. The area is under protection as a natural reserve since 1933. Also, they have marked the trails to ensure easy navigation for tourists.

Besides, the place is a breeding ground for the Peregrine Falcon. Unfortunately, these particular areas are off limits to human activity for the sake of the birds.

So, if you have an interest in rock climbing or jumping, this is the destination you will live to remember.

Mumlava waterfall.

How does lunch near a waterfall sound? Mumlava waterfall is a beautiful destination in Harrachov that you can visit to unwind as you listen to the roaring water. The place is tourist friendly, and they have marked the entire area clearly; even a small child can find their way in and out. These paths are jogging tracks for many residents, so they are usually busy. You don’t need to worry about security. Therefore, this destination is suitable for people who like to bond with nature.

Moravian Karst.

The Moravian Karst is a protected tourist destination site in the north of Brno, Czech Republic. The most notable geographical feature is the 1100 plus caverns and gorges. The area is approximately 92km2, but only five caves are open to the public; it’s due to the unstable nature of the other caves.
At Mococha Abyss, Punkva River goes underground to enter the cave system, leaving two small pools visible on the surface. Most visitors go to this site during the summer months and then rate the destination with a 5 star.

Shooters Islands.

While in Prague, you can visit the Shooters Island, a popular destination for lovers. It is an old town that has shaded green lawns and killer views. The Island was a training ground for the crossbow and longbow shooters in the 15 century hence the name. It is also full of social life; you can not miss a social event somewhere in the city. You could find a concert, balls or cabaret performances.

There is a park on one side of the Island with a beach. At the beach, you could watch the swans swimming or choose to paddleboard. So, if you are chasing after a romantic getaway, this could be it.


Czech is an excellent place to spend your holiday and bond with nature. And be sure to look around for more natural attractions in Czech and most importantly, make early reservations. Happy holidays.

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Street Food in Czech Republic

While you wait for some great content, please enjoy the video below!


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