Geography of the Czech Republic

So, what are the holiday options for nature lovers in the Czech Republic?

There are more than ten natural attraction destinations in Czech for people who want to spend some time out of the city. You get to enjoy boat rides, hikes, rock climbing, and jumping. If this is what you are looking for, then Czech is an excellent destination for you.

Also, if you are searching for a place with great geographical attractions to explore, feel free to check out this list of famous tourist destinations in Czech.

The Adrspach-Teplice Rocks.

The Adrspach-Teplice rocks is a vast set of sandstone deposits covering a 17km2 in northern Bohemia. The uniqueness of this destination is unrivaled; making it a top destination for nature lovers. Rock climbing is a favorite activity for tourists here, and it’s most enjoyable if done in groups. The area is under protection as a natural reserve since 1933. Also, they have marked the trails to ensure easy navigation for tourists.

Besides, the place is a breeding ground for the Peregrine Falcon. Unfortunately, these particular areas are off limits to human activity for the sake of the birds.

So, if you have an interest in rock climbing or jumping, this is the destination you will live to remember.

Mumlava waterfall.

How does lunch near a waterfall sound? Mumlava waterfall is a beautiful destination in Harrachov that you can visit to unwind as you listen to the roaring water. The place is tourist friendly, and they have marked the entire area clearly; even a small child can find their way in and out. These paths are jogging tracks for many residents, so they are usually busy. You don’t need to worry about security. Therefore, this destination is suitable for people who like to bond with nature.

Moravian Karst.

The Moravian Karst is a protected tourist destination site in the north of Brno, Czech Republic. The most notable geographical feature is the 1100 plus caverns and gorges. The area is approximately 92km2, but only five caves are open to the public; it’s due to the unstable nature of the other caves.
At Mococha Abyss, Punkva River goes underground to enter the cave system, leaving two small pools visible on the surface. Most visitors go to this site during the summer months and then rate the destination with a 5 star.

Shooters Islands.

While in Prague, you can visit the Shooters Island, a popular destination for lovers. It is an old town that has shaded green lawns and killer views. The Island was a training ground for the crossbow and longbow shooters in the 15 century hence the name. It is also full of social life; you can not miss a social event somewhere in the city. You could find a concert, balls or cabaret performances.

There is a park on one side of the Island with a beach. At the beach, you could watch the swans swimming or choose to paddleboard. So, if you are chasing after a romantic getaway, this could be it.


Czech is an excellent place to spend your holiday and bond with nature. And be sure to look around for more natural attractions in Czech and most importantly, make early reservations. Happy holidays.

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